Ten Key Tips for Confident Communication
  1. Research your Topic and know your subject well. Use personal stories and conversational language to help you remember it.
  2. Concentrate on what you want to say and on getting it across to your audience rather than your own anxieties.
  3. Realise that people want you to succeed – they want to hear you give an interesting, stimulating, entertaining speech and are certainly not wishing you to fail.
  4. Visualise yourself giving a successful speech and listen to the audience clapping – it will help your confidence.
  5. Get to know your audience. In advance it may help you to write your speech. On the night it’ll help you to feel that you are among people who want you to succeed.
  6. Get to know the Room. Beforehand go up to the podium or stage and make sure you are comfortable with it. Have your space for visual aids? Where will you put your notes, etc?
  7. Practice, practice, and more practice until you are comfortable with your speech and with your speaking voice.
  8. Write your speech, or the main points of it, on a set of small cards and have them with you. Know that no matter what you may forget they are there if you need them.
  9. Relax; remember to exhale before you speak. Nervous energy can be tapped and used as enthusiasm in your speech.
  10. Gain experience of public speaking wherever and whenever you can so that you become comfortable in front of a crowd and with your own voice.
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